Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Inspiration - Regress

Barbie collage by me (actually a Photoshop accident but hey it looks good)
illustrations in pen, water-colour and Photoshop (plus diamante stars) by me
Bell's Fashion, the Glamourai, Fashion Pirate, Asos, Chanel SS14,  Prada SS14 BTS

This post is a couple of days overdue because I've been busy catching up on sleep and preparing for uni interviews. But yeah, anyway.

- My current art project is on existentialism and I am absolutely loving the irony of wearing pink, fluffy, glitzy, girly things while sitting in front of a table filled with angsty pictures, ripping up materials and stabbing them with pins. Everyone else must find it a bit incongruous.
- I'm always inspired by artists and work I'm studying, which right now is mainly Egon Schiele, Prada SS14 (actually, just all of Prada) and Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal AW13/SS14.
- Multi-coloured fur coats, where have you been all my life? Why do I not own one? This needs to be rectified somehow. (How hard can they be to make, eh? EH? ...This could go horribly wrong.)
- Red with accents of baby blue. Lilac/purple with accents of red. Winning colour combinations. Also purple just generally. Purple is my favourite colour so it's pretty devastating how few purple clothes I have.
- Time to raid my closet to pimp the shit out of some jeans/plain pastel-ly clothes. When I get some free time that is… (never).
- I should be more adventurous with my makeup. Multicoloured faces anyone? The main reason I don't is that I get up at 6am on school days and at that time I am barely alive let alone ready to multicolour-ify myself. (I should invest in some interesting eyeshadows. Or just use facepaint. Yeah, facepaint is easier to get off.)
- I have suddenly got into illustrating cute gurls as a late night de-stressor and I'm really enjoying it! I hope I can continue this and get better since I've never tried to illustrate 'cos I always thought I wouldn't be good at it. I guess art school has subconsciously taught me that there is no wrong way to draw and that I can draw anything.
- Also refer to this post from nearly a year ago which I feel is super-relevant again! (But with less of the psychedelic-ness.)

I've been thinking about my current style but I'll save those thoughts for next post. :)

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