Saturday, 15 March 2014








second-(third?) hand lace top
American Apparel disco pants
Asos sandals
Ark coat
River Island necklace
earrings made by me

Um so… I have a confession. I used to profess a strong hatred for "grey lumpy things" aka conceptual fashion such as that by Comme des Garcons, but art school has worked its magic on me and now, as well as admiring the concepts behind such clothing… I kinda wanna wear it too. Anyway, yesterday, I wore a recent acquisition with always faithful disco pants, which somehow led to me feeling like a model in a Comme advert all day. Good stuff. Also, I spent probably a good twenty minutes playing elevator bingo-and-shoot with K to get these photos. :)

Ps. Also, the story behind this lace top: my sewing teacher, E, got a bunch of sewing stuff from a lady on Freecycle, including what looked like the top half of a wedding dress. E didn't want it so offered it to me and since I'm always up for wacky clothes, I happily accepted (even though I got rid of a similar lacy top a few years ago… although in my defence it was too small). A new zip and some hemming later, I had a new, perfectly-fitting, lace monstrosity! Thanks to the lovely E and the mysterious kind lady on the internets.

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