Saturday, 31 May 2014

Inspiration - Sukie In The Graveyard

^Belle and Sebastian

photos all from Tumblr:
Spring Breakers, Sassy World, Perma Pupa, Spring Breakers, unknown x 5, Phiney Pet, unknown x4

My last day and deadline for all my work this year is Monday… so obviously I've been procrastinating, even though I've not got very much work left to do. I'm feeling so inspired now and I am so very nearly completely free to revel in LIFE! I am gonna miss art school over summer, it can be a slog but always an incredibly fulfilling and fun slog. Who else gets to spend whole days throwing glitter around with their friends in the name of coursework?

Things I am inspired by right now: Moonrise Kingdom (always), Spring Breakers,
I'm feeling very colourful, maybe too colourful, bright like neon lights that hurt your eyes on a dark summer eve. Patterns, textures, glitter, a cacophony of sights and feels. Little details, reminders to myself hidden in my clothes, easily missed but so satisfying to know and to notice. I also want to pay more attention to makeup (I know I say this all the time but now I don't have to wake up at 6 anymore I can actually do it), and also experiment with creating some block/stencil/silkscreen prints. And obviously get started on all the DIY projects I've been dreaming up in the past few weeks. Here's to a summer filled with fun. :)

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