Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flaming intervention




skirt made by me from fabric from India
old denim jacket customised by me
random tshirt
River Island shoes

I made this skirt this morning and have been wearing it since because it's so damn floaty and freeing.
 As for this jacket, a couple of days before my deadline I suddenly had the idea to transform this jacket which has been through about 3 previous incarnations. (See here and here.) Obviously I had to do it immediately. After a couple of hours of thinking and googling/tumblring for inspiration I realised that I was bored of the denim blue and that what I actually wanted was to make structural changes so it looked like a cool-ass funky jacket rather than just a customised denim jacket. Inspired by Prada's SS13 Hot Rods (a particular favourite) I made some flames out of felt and white PVC, painted all the blue denim white, and got keen with a little hand embroidery (which you actually can't see in these photos). I've not decided yet if this jacket is finished - I'm considering a sprinkling of multicoloured gems - but I now love so much I'm even thinking about making a skirt with matching flames. :)

Ps. I also cut my hair a good 4 inches and can you believe it took 3 days before someone noticed?! In fact they didn't even notice; I had to tell them. Honestly.

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