Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cabazon dinos




mother's yukata
dress made by my mother
Asos hat
platform Converse
vintage sunglasses
shoe wings from San Diego

We only spent two days in the Californian Colorado desert but that was plenty of time for me to fall in love with it. There's so much awesome/weird stuff in the desert if you just know where to look! As well as Salvation Mountain, we visited a whole bunch of cool desert sites, including these dinosaurs (billed as the world's biggest!), right next to the highway near Palm Springs. After these dinosaurs were built, creationists bought them and turned the site into a creationist museum, asserting that dinosaurs and humans lived on the earth at the same time. You have to pay to go to the "museum" inside Mr. Rex and since I don't care to support creationists, I refused, but was allowed to wander inside Dinny the brontosaurus who serves as the museums gift shop. It was pretty surreal to walk up the stairs inside him and see the original evolutionist murals alongside starkly contrasting crazy creationist "research". :)

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