Saturday, 2 August 2014

La Jolla



H&M skirt
sari blouse/crop top from India
YRU shoes
scarf from China
mother's old belt
Sekonda watch
vintage sunglasses

So after a two-day fest rest, I'm now in California! San Diego to be precise. West coast summertime is here and the livin' is easy. Following Susie Bubble's example (who has just done practically the exact same trip I have planned), I packed all my most "Cali" clothes for this trip aka shiny, colourful, fun stuff! And people here are loving it - yesterday I got six compliments on these sandals, including one woman sticking her head out of a car driving past and yelling to me how much she liked them! :)

Ps. You may be tickled to know that I wore the exact same clothes (minus fluffy headdress and earrings) as in my last post to go sea kayaking. "Always fabulous" is the motto.


  1. You're so pretty and your personal style is lovely!


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