Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You

^ Shari Elf




mother's yukata
dress made by my mother
Asos hat
platform Converse
vintage sunglasses
shoe wings from San Diego

The title of this post is the title of an album by Shari Elf that I picked up from another funky desert stop, this time in the town of Joshua Tree. We visited Shari's World Famous Crochet Museum and shop/gallery Art Queen and even without her actually being there (we let ourselves in), she single-handedly re-ignited my desire to live in the desert with a bunch of artistic renegades!

About these photos: taken back at the Cabazon dinosaur park, I was just doing some standard editing when I accidentally managed to turn the second photo purple. I could only recreate the effect on two other photos but I love it - they look like film posters for a 1950s/60s surreal sci-fi film don't they? :)

Ps. Also, definitely one of the best albums I have ever bought. I highly recommend it if you ever get a hold of it.

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  1. THESE PHOTOS!!! I adore the light dash of color here and there!



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