Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pizza slice




Nathalie du Pasquier x American Apparel shirt
jeans from India
H&M jacket
backpack from Spain
platform Converse
wings from San Diego
watch from Shepard's Bush Market

It's kind of ironic that I was wearing this Chanel-inspired jacket today since I've been writing and making a little zine which is full of Chanel-bashing. But whatever, it was a rare opportunity to bust out a jacket that doesn't get enough wear because it's hardly ever the right weather. The title of this post refers to this shirt which I love to bits and have to force myself not to wear every day. I think the abstract print looks like pizzas but I've heard all sorts of opinions ranging from microbes to pomegranates. I've been wearing a lot of white-based or pale prints recently. I think I may have evolved from my pastel phase to a white phase…. but maximalist white, obviously. Also I got a cute new watch because I somehow managed to lose mine within the first week of uni. I usually hate 99% of watches because they are just so damn ugly (watches are not jewellery. Why is everyone pretending they are??) but I'm weirdly attracted to this one because it's quite simple yet such a tacky gold colour. :)

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