Friday, 10 October 2014

Quién Fuera

^Los Bunkers






fake fur jacket made by me
skirt made by me
top from China
Pandora bracelet
platform Converse
earrings from India

Hi, hello! I am here, I am alive. Uni has been super stressful and hectic the past couple of weeks (still is) and I've been so sad that I've been wearing fabulous stuff every day but just not had the chance to shoot. When I packed for uni, I was very worried I wouldn't be able to take all my clothes so I packed in order of "fun-ness", meaning I prioritised packing anything sparkly, fluffy, brightly coloured or generally interesting. I didn't have enough space left for boring stuff like black t-shirts, plain hoodies and jeans which means that now, getting dressed every morning is a fun experiment! I strongly believe in dressing well/fun, especially when you're having a bad day. No mater how bad your day is, at least you're well dressed! And fluffiness makes everyone around you happy too! :)


  1. Best jacket everrr! Literally cannot cope. You have to sell your stuff <3 xx

  2. Wow, you made that?? That's amazing!


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