Friday, 9 January 2015


^ The Walkmen







Lazy Oaf shirt
American Apparel dungarees
gifted custom beanie
New Balance shoes

Usually I'm a sucker for a waist-defining skirt but recently I've been wanting dress slouchy more and more. I think I'm falling for the art student stereotype but hey, it's comfy and looks cool, so who cares? Anyway my search for the perfect dungarees was accidentally answered (while present-shopping for my cousins) and these are so soft, so comfortable, and so louche I never wanna take 'em off. Also, I finally gave in to the cool kids and got a colourful (and again so comfortable) pair of kicks. I swear I've literally been wearing this outfit for days straight…. literally. :)

PS. Not one person today asked me what existentialism was… score 1 for art school over sixth form.

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