Saturday, 24 April 2010

Interlude - To tan or not to tan?

Well my hockey tournament went pretty well and I spent three hours in the lovely sunshine. Actually, it's not so lovely because while you play hockey, you wear shinpads and socks and a skort so the bottom half of your thighs and your arms and of course, your face, is exposed to the sun. This means you could end up with some pretty annoying tan lines, so most girls took their shinpads off to have a little sunbathe. Which brings me to my point: should I join them? I went skiing last month and have been spending innordinate amounts of time in the sun this past week (thank you, study leave!) so my face is pretty tanned. But the rest of me is not. I used to have quite tanned skin but I don't know, my skin looks kinda washed out to me. So I decided I would go for the pale look, not that I'm that pale, but whatever. But the problem with that is that my arms are more tanned than my legs. So I have a tanned face, not-quite-as-tanned-but-still-a-little-tanned arms, and not-tanned legs. It's like somebody emptied a bucket of fake bake over my head! Okay I hyperbolise, but still. I don't particularly want to dye my skin orange (or, more accurately, I can't be bothered), so out goes fake tan. I like the whole 'pale and interesting' look (who said pale is interesting anyway? Pale is just.. pale..), but as I already said, I have a tanned face. GRR! :)

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