Friday, 23 April 2010


This is my first ever blog post, woop woop. I started this blog to document my outfits and how my fashion sense changes and also to talk about/post pictures of other fashion, art and inspiration related things. Basically, I thought that I should wait until I get an SLR to take reeeally nice photos until I started blogging properly, but I decided that it would be too much fun to wait that long.

My main obsession at the moment is Lady Gaga, my role model. Not only is she a good singer, wears amazing clothes and has created such a memorable character of herself, SHE ACTUALLY DRESSES CRAZY IN REAL LIFE. The 'craziness' is part of her. Most people have some sort of craziness, but most don't have the guts/don't care enough to fully embrace it like Gaga (My opinion. Welcome to Psychology 101 Lala style). And that is what I truly admire about her. I hope that one day I can be that confident and sure of myself. And I think having this blog will help. :)

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