Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm a proud little monster

'You look like you've been to see Lady Gaga and you had such a good time you bought the t-shirt.' Well, yes, that is exactly what happened father dearest. And I wouldn't want to lie to the world now, would I?

Apparently this is a 'pretty conservative' look for me, at least according to my friend L. I don't know, I only had like ten minutes to get ready and I was half asleep, hence the lack of jewellery and stuff. But I manged to wear green jeggings and leather biker gloves from Topshop, brown leather bag from Claire's, and my ever-present DM's.

I know, I need to wear shoes other than the DM's. But it's not my fault they're perfect. Talking of boots, found an amazing Chloe-look pair for quite a heck of a lot less than the thousand or whatever dollars the Chloe ones are. Now just have to convince the 'rents..

Show me your teeth!

FYI, it was AMAZING. INSANE. AWESOME. And I love her VOICE! (when she's just talking, that is, not singing) And the voice of the singer of the support act, Semi Precious Weapons. I want to move to New York just to have New Yorkers talk to me all the time.

Claws up, little monsters. :)

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