Friday, 4 June 2010

The just discovered delights

Lotsssss of pictures because my best friend C and I went vintage (and independent) shopping today. Why did nobody ever tell me of the delights of vintage shops before? They remind me of my mom and when I was younger. And none of them smelt bad! (Well, one smell like 'old' but that's an occupational hazard.) Can't wait to wear my new purchases!

Lovely sandals from Zara, and the first time I've ever worn them. Such a shame that they killed my feet. Seriously. Not that that should put you off, it's just 'cause I have pretty wide (read: fat) feet and the straps cut into them. So bye-bye sandals, off you go to a charity shop. (Yes, Ebay is preferable because you get money, but charity shops soothe my overactive conscience.)

Also wearing a green top and green cycling shorts of my mothers (my friend I who there's a couple of pictures of a couple of days ago has my black cycling shorts and I miss them terribly), a tunic/vest/dress with netting/square hole-y stuff for a back (it's new and I love it) and a bag my father got me from Hong Kong on a stopover on one of his many trips to Auzzie-land. And a new metal shark ring (looooove) and seahorse earrings from the christmas market but I don't think you can see them and sadly C got fed up of taking photos of me.

I also discovered some new skills today - almost knocked over an antique table of expensive glass things by walking backwards into it to try and see my face in a tiny mirror. Oh and I almost got run over by a bus. It was somewhat freaky to suddenly have a bus looming in my face from nowhere. Totally the bus driver's fault of course. :)

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