Thursday, 10 June 2010

Let's Start A Band

^ Amy MacDonald

Being creative on demand is hard. Some days I just feel like a fatteh. A fatteh, not a fatty. Not the same so not offensive. I hate art coursework; let me paint when I want to paint.

'I'm always told to be the dreamer kind. Wake up one morning and your dreams are life.'

Wearing an Otswald Helgason dress from ASOS - love the print, tights from Miss Selfridge (they're more interesting than they look - they have bows on the back) and shoes by Kurt Geiger.

The record is my dad's, not sure what it is and the cigarette holder is from some fancy dress shop for a 20's, flapper-and-mobsters-themed party. One day I will show you my flapper dress.

I love the softness of these photos. And yeah, I like biting/chewing things. :)

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  1. i love your dress. your tights. your hair. your photography. fabulous :)


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