Friday, 16 July 2010


I was freezing so wore this out with a trenchcoat over the top and got some really wierd looks. Anyone would think they'd never seen layers before. And so what if it's 'summer', it's been raining (and apparently will for the rest of the week) and therefore getting darker, and I could swear there's a slight chill creeping in. Yay.

Our TV is broken which is why I'm standing on it. Also wearing my favourite (really old) jeans from Topshop, cropped top from Topshop, heels from Primark, gilet/bodywarmer I got as a present and a scarf of my mother's. :)

Ps. I'm loving the space where the TV used to be, but we're getting a horrible new one. I hate widescreens - they make everyone look short and fat.

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