Saturday, 17 July 2010


The Thames at low tide. We wondered where all the water had gone.

On Friday 2nd July, I and my friends C and L (and some other people) went to Wimbledon with school. I took my camera (of course!) but also a disposable which I have only just scanned in the photos from. The father is convinced that our scanner works, although he can't actually make it work; we kind of got a new one.. long story. And I haven't used a disposable in years, so some of the pictures were complete fails. Plus the scanner isn't great, but I quite like them.

C on the minibus with lots of drinks.

Boredom on the minibus. Caramel frappaccinos are my life.

Women's doubles. Can't remember who.

I did not take that photo, C did. Just a disclaimer.

Rafael Nadal (left) v. Andy Murray. Men's singles semifinals, obviously. We saw David Beckham too!

C bought the bear and I bout the golden mini racket. 'I shall call him Wimble and he shall be my Wimbledon teddy'. I sorta forgot that disposables don't have auto-focus..

.. or flash..

Me and L. L's wearing a skirt from Next, white shirt, vest and pumps and a bag from Fat Face.

.. and we got a few fingers in the way..

Wearing a dress from Topshop, cardigan and belt of my mother's, DM's and a random bow clip I found in my bag. My bag is the grey one from Hoopers and C's is the backpack from Roxy.

The disposable didn't really do the bright green of my dress justice.

C wearing a Hollister top, Topshop leggings, a Topshop denim jacket, purple Converse and Ray-ban Wayfarers.

Ray-ban made a serious mistake in these glasses: they're the wrong way round. Seriously, the inside is amazing but the outside is boring black. It looks like the London tube map, or maybe that's just me. New York perhaps?

L, me, C. :)

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  1. those pictures are so cool, i love that kind of random road trips,and the docs in the last pictures are awsome to, i want some!
    xx, zaia


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