Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Escapades with plebs, fairies, goblins and god

Sorry I've not been posting; I've been ill. And ill = sweats and oversized hoodies. Although my friend R pointed out 'you're still wearing bright green trousers'. (Do people not generally wear bright green sweats? They were Abercrombie - I mean how much more mainstream do you get?)

I love this photo so much. Had to crop L out of it though because some idiot got their hand in the way. Cue evil glare.

Wearing an American Apparel skirt which I wear as a dress, a top from H&M that I cut off and now love to bits, lacy cycling shorts from Topshop and my DM's.

So I chilled with some friends today, hence the title.

Wow, we look happy. From L to R: R, A, me and L. A thinks he looks like a zombie and I have to agree.

R, me, S and L on some wierd no-spinny roundabout-y thing.

Me on L and A on S on swings. Not the easiest feat in the world and mine and L's legs appear to have swapped..

Apparently, it's 'embarassing' to take pictures of me looking 'wierd' for this blog (this is coming from L who is pulling a Gaga-esque pose in the picture below). So no themed photoshoots today or tomorow, sadly.

Don't know why S and A are laughing at us. Wierdos.

Embarassing? Me? Pfffft. :)

Ps. A new follower. Thank you so much for your really sweet comment!

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