Friday, 9 July 2010

Y así llega el primer día de la libertad de verano

Guess the story (or make up your own):

My story: A young Southern girl had recieved a single red rose from an admirer and held it while waiting in the garden for him to come see her. Eventually she grew tired of waiting and hoping to see his face so she was heading back indoors when a bouquet of flowers in a vase on the window ledge caught her eye. She decided her first admirer must have lost interest and that the second sounded must more promising so she cheekily headed off to see him. (That's all in past times, obviously, not sure when exactly.)

I've wanted a gingham skirt or dress ever since Christopher Kane RTW SS10 and yesterday I found this perfect skirt in H&M. Also wearing a random white top of my mother's, a belt of my mother's (one of my friends said 'it looks so vintage!'. That's because it probably is; my my family hoards clothes for years), boater from Claire's, earring that my auntie made, and a men's necklace from Primark. My friend L was right - men's jewellery is often much better than women's!

Prepare for millions of posts. :)


  1. you are very beautiful! and you outfits are amazing! Why there is so little comments! I will watch you! ^^

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