Wednesday, 21 July 2010

'Look, a duck!' 'That's a pigeon..'

I went to the zoo with some friends (wierdos) today, for muchos funsies.

Left to right: S, R (who wants to be known as Regina Phalange), me, C and A (who wants to be known as Angus, which is actually his real name). It was very sunny but there were sudden, intense showers which is why we have umbrellas.

A holding the umbrella over me because I am of course, the god. He is queen, but let's be honest - god beats queen. And some random children in the background.

So, we got a bit lost.
Or some may say S, R and I 'ran away' from A and C.

R and I pretending to be zebras (because we were already the right colours - R's shorts were black and white stripes but you can't tell in the pictures). It's quite hard to get the facial expressions right you know, although R is doing a pretty good job.

My relative and I, bonding.

C and I pretending to be monkeys.

A and I riding an elephant (brass statue but still quite hard to get on).

R and I by a waterfall. 'Try and make it look like the water is on my head.'

C and I (and R and A in the background). I'm wearing a dress a little shop somewhere, a denim biker jacket from H&M, black lace cycling shorts from Topshop, my DM's and a bag from Hoopers (I always use that bag. For everything). C's wearing a black top, a midnight blue skirt from Topshop, a denim jacket of her mother's and DM's. How great - we now both have DM's!

Random photos that I took without being able to see. I think they're pretty cool. :)

Ps. It has been drawn to my attention that I can't spell weird. That's probably C's fault as she always said 'wee - erd' and now 'wierd' and 'weird' both look right to me. So sorry if I spell it wrong (which I probably will do).

Pps. I'm going to India for three and a half weeks (sitting in an airport right now) and I should have internet but posting will be rather sporadic.

Edit: For some reason, this photo wouldn't work when I first tried to upload it. It's A with an actual duck (he was the one in the title).

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