Monday, 19 July 2010

Long Walk Home

^ The Boss aka. Bruce Springsteen. Love.

None of these 'doubles' are actually the same. Each one is a different picture because the camera was on some strange setting to take two pictures (one with flash and one without) and I didn't notice which is why some look almost exactly the same and I have moved in some. I do like the doubled up photos though. I also think that because of the editing these pictures have a sort of 50's Italian New York feel to them, especially the one just above. Just me? Okay then.

Wearing jeggings from H&M, a Wonderwoman (I love comics and cartoons) body from Topshop, a silk shirt of my mom's which has flowers sort of embossed (?) on it if you look carefully and a scarf of my mom's in my hair, something which I have only recently discovered I can do, and now loooove. And as you can see, I don't believe in shoes in the summer. I don't really believe in them in winter either but in winter the ground's cold. :)

Edit: I don't know what it is about these photos, but I love them. And also, I've never been into the whole wearing-a-shirt-open-over-something, but it works with this shirt/blouse. Maybe because it's fitted so doesn't look stupidly oversized? I don't know but I also love the embroidery/embossing on it. It's little details like that that really make a piece.


  1. thanks so much! What's funnier is that all of those out-takes were the product of us actually trying to be serious, not goofing around at all! I love the blog, and in regards to the cosmo awards, you should go for it!

    Truly yours,

  2. love the feel of the photos, definately.

  3. this scarf in your hair looks amazing ^^


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