Thursday, 1 July 2010

Things I want

Haven't done a list in tiiiime. And since I'm going to be doing some 'SERIOUS shopping' with my girls this weekend, I may as well go prepared, knowing what I want. So here goes.

1. Loose thin plain tshirts and vests to cut/paint on/sew on/generally destroy in a hopefully nice way. Maybe a shirt too. Also a looong black dress if I can find one; otherwise I'll have to make it.
2. Vintage floral DM's. My friend C's gonna get some white patent ones, how awesome. She's a size bigger than me but I don't mind wearing four pairs of socks if it means I can steal them..
3. A hat. I love my boater to bits but sometimes I just want a different hat. So maybe a cowboy hat or maybe a trilby. Or something I don't know the name of.
4. Cycling shorts. I love them, I did even before they became big, and I only have a light green pair since my friend I has stolen my black ones. (To be fair, they're part of my PE kit which I've lent to her for like the whole year, but I wear them all the time. Or I would do if she didn't have them, grr.)
5. Light denim ripped hotpants, low waisted I think
6. Sheer knit oversized jumper/dress
7. Sunglasses. Mine are all half-broken
8. A polaroid instant and unlimited disposibles (cameras)
9. Soft leather backpack/satchel
10. Clogs. Even though I loved them, in the spring I thought Karl was a tiny bit insane. But now I totally get them and actually properly want some. Probably thanks to Tavi and her new Miu Miu clogs (see below)

Things I don't have a hope of getting but still really want
1. Miu Miu SS10 mary janes. The pink swallow ones and the blue flower ones (the ones Alix Bancourt has). Very very jealous. Tavi has just got some Miu Mius too. Not happy.
2. A leopard print fur coat like from the 20's or whenever
3. An old-fashioned Russian dress. I'm reading Anna Karenina and I'm going to St Petersburg in October with my best friend C (WOOO!!) so I'm feeling the viiibe. :)

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