Saturday, 3 July 2010

Summer essentials

Here are the things I neeeeeeeed for summer (in no particular order):

1. Denim shorts. A skirt just won't cut it. How is one supposed to do anything in a teeny tiny short tight denim skirt without tights? No tights because it is simply not right, ESPECIALLY black opaques. I've never liked tights with denim. In fact, I always used to hate black opaques because they remind me of school uniform.
2. Cycing shorts. They rock. You can wear them as normal shorts, under normal shorts, under slightly-too-short dresses and tops and under normal dresses and skirts so you can do anything!
3. Culottes. Like a skirt, but shorts. What's not to love? They're so priiiiddy.
4. Straw hat. Because sometimes my head feels lonely and a nice boater, trilby or cowboy (or other) adds charm to any outfit. And you can use them to put over your face when the sun (or somebody) is being annoying.
5. Thin brown leather belt. Goes with everything and everything.
6. Beat-up boots. Because flip-flops make my feet look fat and chunky boots stop me getting too stupidly lala and summery. And they're cool. And show that you don't just wear boots in the winter, you are truly committed to them. (Yes, I'm talking about my DM's. Still wear them almost everyday..)
7. One perfume. A gorgeous one that is your own scent. Mine is plumerias from Hawai'i, reminds me of when I was younger.
8. A thin long sleeved jacket eg. a jersey blazer. Because bare arms and bare legs is too much and I just want to tan my legs so they are the same colour as my arms.
9. Loose vests and tshirts. Preferably a father, brother or boyfriend's tshirts; they're always the comfiest (is that a word? It is now).
10. Short hair. So much easier and nowhere near as hot, even when down.
10. A camera. Preferably a really good one. Although some are so bad they're good.
11. Friends. Need I say more?

From L to R: L wearing Topshop shorts, Hollister top and a black cardi; me wearing my dad's top and my mom's DIY shorts from jeans; O wearing a Chester college rugby shirt, shorts and tights; her brother C wearing a striped top and jeans; and C wearing a top from Miss Selfridge most likely and black leggings. Some of my best buds (and a lovely brother). :)

Edit: How could I forget a Starbucks caramel cream frappuccino? My friend L (not the one in the photo) and I are OBSESSED.



    hi me

  2. i didn't know i could comment on this.

    my shorts are from topshop you fool ;D

  3. Hey great summer want list and love the reasons why you want them xoxo


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