Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hanging on the Telephone

^ Blondie

I know there isn't a phone in sight but it does seem to me like I'm waiting for a call or something. Wearing my mom's silk blouse, camel skirt, adorable brooch from Topshop, earrings that I forgot to photograph 'cause I was in a rush and silver Kurt Geiger mary jane heels.

The skirt is too big for me so I'd pinned it but my mom made me take the pin out because she said it looked too messy, which is why it looks a wierd shape in the third picture (I was holding it in in the first). Also it's very crumpled because I never iron things if I can get away with it.

I really want to wear this skirt with a denim shirt because I love this shape and colour with denim blue but my denim shirt is pale so I don't know if it will go.. The alternative is a denim A-line skirt with a camel blouse/shirt but I don't have either of them. I have a normal colour denim jacket but it's too small to pretend to be a shirt and I want to paint it anyway..

The good news is my mom spent yesterday cleaning out her closet so she gave me loads of stuff, yay. Not that I didn't treat her closet as an extention of mine anyway. I think I'm going to have a clear out of mine tomorow - I get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit me, I get more space for new stuff, I feel good for donating and I get to have a browse in the charity shops. It's a win-win plan! :)

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