Monday, 30 August 2010


Wearing my mom's (now mine) jacket from Topshop which is actually some sort of plaid but you can't tell, leggings from H&M, shirt from India, leather gloves from Primark and DM's. I really want leather gloves in a yellow but I can't decide whether lemon or bright yellow would be better..

I like the bow on this jacket but it's really stiff, sad times. It really feels like a cross between something Victorian and a riding jacket, especially with leather gloves. Did the Victorians have riding jackets? I think they did. I couldn't decide what to wear with it, but I just had to wear it because I went on a bike ride today. (Bike ride, horse ride, same thing. I don't ride horses. The first and only time I did, I was 5ish and the horse wouldn't stop when I wanted it to.) Leather pants and/or tall boots would have been perfect but the only tall boots I have are yeti boots. Just wait until I am inspired by Chanel A/W! :)

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  1. Great riding jacket! and the gloves are stupendous!
    I believe Victorians had riding jackets.

    leggings,or floor length black skirt, just some ideas to pair with riding jackets.

    Try ebay for the boots, righ now you can find some amazing choices because its not quite fall yet. A knee high boot is what you would be searching for.

    I absolutely love the 2nd pic! Really beautiful.

    ♡ Aria


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