Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Inspiration - Grandeur and the generally wierd beautiful

Wearing a top from Zara, my mom's pants that she altered and a book necklace I made with a key from some anklet and a necklace. I'm not Christian - I'm atheist actually; I've just always liked crosses. Which is a bit of a problem seeing as they're a big religious symbol..

After seeing a photo of Bjรถrk performing at Lee Mcqueen's tribute ceremony (which unfortunately, I can't find) I've got grandeur and wierdness on the brain. There went any hopes of an elegant minimalism. I'm reminded of Prada's SS10 lookbook (below), but darker and more obscure.

Okay this is turning into an inspiration post. Anything to not have to write my essay.

This last photo is my absolute favourite. I'm in love with that jacket. So much that I am considering finding a studded leather jacket somewhere and painting a slogan on the back. Seriously. :)

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