Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Once again, no time for pictures so enjoy some photos I took and messed around with in Art. They're part of my coursework project on Impressionism in modern life. My favourite one is on the school computers but I'll get it and post it tomorrow. I felt like such a stalker taking random pictures in the middle of town!

This one is called 'No, that's not snow' and the one above is called 'Technicolour Luau' (from a Dar Williams song). My friends and I call our art crazy things. For example I have a watercolour of a street called 'It's a street, not a brothel' and a drawing in my planner called 'Life in a police state' because of the new incredibly strict uniform rules. :)

Edit: And here's the original fantabulous edit. (Fantabulous and touché are my new words.)

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