Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Red, green and glitter

Heavy on the pictures today. Sorry for looking grumpy in some of them, I was squinting almost directly into the sun.

Wearing a top from some shop in San Fransisco, vintage leather skirt, (ex-)mom's waistcoat from Talbots (I don't know if Talbots is still a shop or even in the UK, I just know she loved it and used to go there all the time in America), leopard flats from some shop, bag from Claire's, glass pendant necklace from the Manchester German Christmas markets (every year my dad gets me some glass jewellery from there, it's our little tradition), bottle necklace from Claire's, earrings from India, ankle bracelet from Hawai'i and a comb my dad got me years ago from Japan which I only just realised I could wear in my hair!

And glitter. I love glitter. And got inspired to wear it from these pictures which were on The Pinstripe Prince (much love for him too) from the Alexis Mabille SS10 mens collection.

Much love for that bedraggled fairy look, just waiting for the sun to go away (it seems to have decided to come out in the last week of summer holidays) to try it out myself. :)

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  1. Hi Lala, its Aria from 2treasurehunt thank you for the lovely comment. I left a comment with the info about the glasses in the post on my blog.

    P.S. that hair comb is stunning!
    ♡ Aria


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