Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Things I want

(That I actually might get.)

1. Fur coat (Ebay)
2. Over-the-knee socks (Asos definately has them but not sure where else)
3. Cream knitted cape (H&M)
4. Navy contrast trim coat cape (Asos)
5. Maroon cord shorts (UO)
6. Black/tan leather top (Next)
7. Black/white chanel-esque jacket (H&M)
8. Tapestry bag (UO)
9. Aviator hat (Topshop but not in store yet, grrrr)
10. Robot brooch (Topshop). Have I told you that I'm obsessed with robots? Well I am. I love the Terminator films, I-Robot (the film), Self Machine by I Blame Coco and I'm currently reading Isaac Asimov's Robot series.
11. Grey duck scarf (Topshop)
12. Full length denim dungarees/overalls. I swear I have developed a need for these in like the last 10 minutes, all due to this picture which a friend showed me (it's from a blog but I don't know which one).

Plus many other things vintage. :)

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