Wednesday, 29 September 2010

RTW Spring/Summer 2011

Although I feel it is way too early to even think about spring and summer, I have finally had time to look through most of the collections. So far, I have three favourites. Here are two of them. (Pictures from, click on them to see them bigger.)


Pure spring romance. My favourites are the bottom row, especially the three on the left. Also the middle dress on the top row - I loveeeee that lace collar and the sheer sleeves, and the second from the left on the same row - the print and floaty skirt make it look beautifully layered. The height of the ties on the shoes also mean that there isn't too much leg.

Holly Fulton:

One word: wow. I've loved Holly Fulton since I first saw her designs on Asos (Art Deco/ electrical circuit shifts and jewellery - pictures below) in December last year. And I've loved 60's Art Deco since I saw some interesting furniture on the Sims 2, asked my dad about it, and did some research a longg time ago. See, video games are educational!

Back to the collection. My favourite looks are most definately the black fur coat and body suit and orange blouse with the black furryskirt on the top row purely because they exclude so much glamour! Loving the sunglasses too. Basically I love this whole collection (which is why I posted it all except for one bikini, and that was because the model was scary skinny) but if I had to pick a (more wearable) favourite, it would be the far right on the second row or the far right on the bottom row (plus all of the bottom row.. and the third row..). Gah, too much amazingness!

Pictures from Asos.

My favourites from Holly Fulton's Autumn/Winter 2010 collection:

And the best part is, she's British! :)


  1. Very fancy!:) Great collection.
    Ouh thank you sooo.. much for the super cute comment on my newest Post. I'm so glad you enjoy reading my Posts. It's an honor!!!
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles..

  2. Oooh I loooove all the Erdem stuff, very cute and very chic xx


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