Monday, 27 September 2010

Meet the critters

I'm into naming things at the moment. Apart from my various wierd and wonderful painting names, I have Wallace (my iPod) and Gromit (C's iPod), Horace (my phone) and Horatio (C's phone). During the weekend I made (literally) a bunch of new pendant friends.

Meet Dwayne, the first to be born (and if I'm honest, my favourite).

Dwayne was originally going to be a gold octopus but I couldn't be bothered to make 8 legs and I decided I liked him multi-coloured. So he turned out as a retro robot. And I've loved the name Dwayne ever since my parents once reminisced about their college days and my mom said, 'I can't remember what he was called.. but it was a very typical crazy eighties name.. DWAYNE!'. Plaus Dwayne is easy to write as a registration number.

Next came Paul (the stylized octopus). I admit Paul is more a collection of shiny things but I still had octopuses on the brain at this point. Paul was a birthday present for my friend S who loves shiny things.

While looking for chains for Paul, I found this adorable elephant which I believe was once a button on something. So I turned it into a hook-y thing. It can be an earring (only one though and I sadly don't have any other piercings), attached to a hair grip which is how I wore it in the last post, a pendant if the hook is twisted, or just a pretty thing. It is, as yet, unnamed.

Then I found some clear beads and decided I was still in the mood for robots. So Robbie was born. Robbie's named after a robot in one of Isaac Asimov's robot short stories.

And another robot, Tex, named after the TX Terminator in Terminator 3: Judgement Day and sort of inspired by this Topshop robot brooch which I love and want, badly. (Tex looks better in real life, I promise. It was jsut very hard to get a decent picture.)

The brooch reminds me of Marvin, the Paranoid Android in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy film. I seriously love robots. :)

Ps. I have just hurt my ankle again (hockey this time) so outfit pictures may be a bit hard for the next few days..

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