Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yawn, yawn, yawn, we're all long gone

^Les Savy Fav

Knitwear comes around every autumn/winter. It's generally the same: big, chunky, warm knits (that are kinda practical except you need to be able to see all layers which means a cold front and boiling back - about the most practical fashion gets) with a slight theme. If I remember correctly, it was Fairisle last year (which I personally am not too keen on unless it is one thing that's VERY nice) and this year it's ski knits. My best friend C really likes ski knits and so when I found this jumper I immediately thought of her.

This jumper is quite a bit older than me - my mom bought it for my dad sometime in the eighties I think. And she says this just proves her point that trends go round in cycles and that the cyles are getting shorter (20-odd years seems a long cycle to me but I've probably not been aware of most of it). But I love this jumper becuase it's warm and I have a thing about wearing my dad's massive jumpers with leggings. I love things with a history.

Also wearing leggings from H&M, heels from Primark, my favourite hematite bracelet which I've had for years and only just figured out how to undo the clasp of and a random metal elephant thing which I found in the bead box and now can be used for anything. :)

Ps. One of my favourite things to do (and how I find wonderful songs) is to go on songmeanings and type in random words then discover songs with them in. Try it, it's fuuun. And it's how I came up with this title.

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  1. Love the jumper. Looks so nice and warm!


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