Friday, 29 October 2010

I want to be a Russian tsarina

Touching Atlas' toe you get to make a wish. You can make loads of wishes in St Petersburg - touching Altas' toes, seeing 5 brides (we saw 12 in one day. 12!), puting locks on bridges, throwing coins into old boats... I'm sure the list goes on.

Wearing a random black leotard, my mum's old calf-length skirt which either her or my grandma made over green jeggings from Topshop, belt from Topshop, watch necklace from UO, old heart pendant, (fake) fur coat from Miss Selfridge, vintage scarf, pink leather gloves from Topshop, DM's and my favourite bag that I use for everything from Hoopers. That bag is one of the most travelled items I own.

My friend N and her DM's. Of about 30 people that went on the trip, I saw at least 8 people (including me) wearing Doc Marten's. Go DM's!

We saw looooads of Russian people dressed in uniform with fur hats. And loooooots of cadets. Also with fur hats.

Me and C jcin' outside St Isaac's. I can't remember (or see) what C's wearing but her lovely scarf is from Topshop.

Wearing my fantabuloussss full length bronze silk skirt my mom made for me the week before I went. I've been planning this skirt for aaaages and I'm so happy she managed to make it in time for me to take. Also wearing new boots from Zara which I think might just become my new DM's in the fact that I love them so much I will wear them constantly. Except they're too precious to wear that much, as is the skirt. Also wearing a stripy top from Topshop (which I don't think you can see), leggings from H&M and black satin elbow gloves from Claire's. And the reason I'm not wearing the skirt in the last picture is because I took it off to go bowling. Never tried bowling in a full length skirt but I imagine it would be.. interesting.

Wearing a vintage leather skirt, mom's blouse, leopard tights from Miss Selfridge (have wanted some for soooo long), socks from Topshop (they're actually over-the-knee's) and (fake) fur hat from Snow + Rock. The last three pictures were taken in a a palace where we had dinner then watched a folk show (pictures below).

Wearing a white shirt from H&M, trip hoodie, leggings from Topshop, sleeveless aviator jacket from Primark, scarf from River Island, socks from Tophsop (knee-highs), and skeleton earrings from Claire's.

Me and C being cool on the coach with our Russian (fake) fur hats. Even though mine was bought in England.. I really like the elbow ribbing on C's coat. Little details make things better.

Russian 'matryoshka' doll earrings I bought. Sadly they don't open.

A replica of one of Empress Elizabeth's dresses.

I would love to be one of those people who get to dress up and wander around St Petersburg. :)

Ps. Due to my stupidness of not taking spare memory cards, my camera memory filled up on the second day so I had to only take pictures of the essentials (although I still have about a hundred more pictures than I posted..) so I commandeered my friends' cameras. So there are more photos of me/that I took that I don't have at the moment but I'll post them as soon as I can steal them from Facebook.


  1. And now listen to me in turn. You have touched me more profoundly than I thought even you could have touched me - my heart was full when you came here today. Henceforward I am yours for everything....


  2. loves your pink gloves, although I don't like pink. It's very cue :)
    Now, I'm your follower :)


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