Wednesday, 27 October 2010

St Petersburg

Well... where to start? I've been in St. Petersburg (aka Leningrad) with C on a school trip for the last five days and it was absolutely AMAZING. Seriously, I now want to move there. I possibly love it more than Paris. And I love Paris. (Although I haven't been there in years so you know out of sight, out of mind.)

We also visited my official favourite church ever, but unfortunately I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS CALLED OR WHAT THE OUTSIDE LOOKS LIKE!! (And we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. Grrr.)

It was snowing when we arrived! It didn't stick but still, SNOW! Everybody in England loves snow because we get it so rarely.

The Winter Palace which now houses the Hermitage museum:

St Isaac's Catherdral, the biggest in the city and the fourth tallest in the world:

The Catherine (Summer) Palace in Pushkin, less than an hour from St Petersburg:

St Petersburg is a beautiful, beautiful city. I swear every second building there is a palace or a church with its own story. And I have never seen so many chandeliers! :)

Ps. Just because even the more dilapidated buildings are beautiful, especially in black and white.

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