Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I was told to tie up my loose ends

Photos from Russia: (Nicked my friends'.)

In Russian McDonalds - so much cooler than England.

Me and C in Harry Potter glasses ages ago before I cut all my hair off. And no, I haven't seen the film nor do I have any plans to.

Me and D the other day. How cute are the matching dresses?!

Current inspiration obsessions:

Yes, I realise it's freezing (snow expected this weekend!!!) ... I'll make it work somehow...

And a few resolutions:
Post more
Go on Twitter more
Comment on blogs I follow/love more
Post on Oh L'Inspiration more (running out of disk space!)
Go on Facebook less

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've had exams but they're all over now! I'm going to make up for my terrible blogger-ness by posting all the time now. :)

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