Sunday, 28 November 2010

Welcome winter

I don't know when winter officially begins but in Lala Land it starts when I first get the urge to dress like snow. Don't ask because I can't explain. I just know that this outfit feels like snow and winter.

Okay, it's not much. But it's snow! Hopefully there'll be more. On Friday would be perfect as I'm going to the Christmas markets with friends.

I like my hair like this; it makes me feel like a bird.

Wearing H&M jacket and jeggings, Zara boots, my dad's (or possibly my mom's come to think of it) sweatshirt, Primark brooch (this adorable trooper survived an accidental spin in the washing machine and came out unscathed) and a butterfly clip from when I was little.

I decided to forgo gloves for the ease of taking pictures and because I couldn't be bothered to hunt for some. Big mistake, my fingers froooooooooooze. :)

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