Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it snow

More snowww! If we didn't have a day off school anyway, it would have been closed today. Fingers crossed that it's a snow day tomorow!

A's wearing his school uniform (fail) but wanted me to take and edit pictures of him and snow. I'm wearing my favourite oldest jeans from Topshop, black leotard, vintage shirt (it has brown suede elbow patches! It is, as C said, the exact shirt I would have made if I designed a flannel shirt..), mom's waistcoast, Miss Selfridge coat, dad's super wooly socks and DM's. And this beautiful pocket watch that I got at a Christmas market. Shame it's not so good at keeping time.

And some from last year. :)

Ps. The close up photos and the last two are form my phone. Not as bad a camera as I thought..


  1. The first photo is beautiful. I love to see someone who's enjoying snow (like I do)and doesn't complain about it.
    Snow is one of the most beautiful things on eart! Comprende?

  2. My sleep last night was troubled by a violent storm outside,
    and when i work i still felt dizzy from the lingering effect of wine;
    Anxiously i asked the maid who rolled up the bamboo curtains,
    to my surprise came her reply, "the flowers are all right."
    But that's impossible, and don't you know all would remain a scene,
    of petals fallen and leaves of their company sorrowfully deprived!



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