Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This is L's Christmas present which I made a couple of days ago. D's, which is also a bracelet, is on the way too. But I wanted to photograph L's because I love the red and the gold together. I normally hate jewellery adverts so I though, if I wanted to sell this, what sort of campaign would I do? This is the (hopefully) elegant but slighty grungy result.

(Ignore the crap background, I suddenly got very inspired. But maybe it adds to the effect .. a normal home setting anyone?) Bracelet/ring thing made by me out of various chains and beads, jacket from H&M, some random lipstick I have for shows.

And here's a nice picture of a skeleton earring from Claire's. I seem to have a thing about photographing small shiny things at the moment ..

.. which reminds me of what I found in with all my old dolls houses (more on why I was looking through them later) ..

Sadly, very sadly, it's pretty big and most likely too big to put on a necklace. But trust me, I'll try! :)

Ps. Thank you to my new followerrr!!

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  1. wow I adore the skeleton jewellery and the amethyst is beautiful :) x


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