Friday, 10 December 2010

A guaranteed personality

^Ben Folds

Recently, I feel like I've been dressing more for how I look rather than how I feel which has lead me to be stumped which is quite depressing. But I feel like I've got my mojo back and that if I want to wear a swishy skirt, I will. Or if I want to wear a crazy blazer with massive shoulder pads, then I will, like I did today. It's my mom's and so is the silk blouse (don't know why she doesn't wear any of this stuff nowadays; it's fabulous). I think she actually bought the H&M leggings too and the belt is hers. The Claire's bag and the leopard flats however, are mine. :)

Ps. My mom says she bought this fabulous jacket for my auntie's wedding. It has a matching skirt ...

Pps. Obsessed with the 'tattoos' I drew on my wrists in French. Better pictures tomorow but here's a couple of one of them.

In love with upside down crosses (no religious connotations intended) since seeing this photo on a tumblr.

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  1. these tatoos are so gorgeous, they have so much meaning x


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