Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dream Boat

I like warm tinted photos at the moment. Not too sure why as they look more summery, but I think I've been inspired by Camilla from Into the Fold.

This is what I wore yesterday, but with a different top. I asked L what to wear (because I like to know other peoples' opinions then ignore them) and she said I should try to be Swedish and "cool" (she's Swedish) by wearing denim hotpants, tights, a loose top and lots of heavy jewellery. Well I decided to cut up some jeans from India and wore them with tights 'cause I live in black tights because they're part of my uniform. I got stuck for a top and rifled through my wardrobe to find my kimono from a primary school production of The Mikado! So obviously, I wore it.

Als wearing top from Topshop (oh lol), belt from Topshop and my leopard flats which, yes, I am obsessed with. Just wearing them makes me feel like Kate Moss.

I love wearing this kimono, it's so floaty and long but still normal-ish with the denim. I think it would also work well with heels and a simple short/sheer panelled dress underneath .. watch this space. :)

Ps. Thank you to my new followerrrr :)


  1. Love the kimono... so cool :) and think that asking for peoples opinions and ignoring them is always the best thing to do. WE'RE ALWAYS RIGHT, aha xx

  2. Oosti Koo Gas
    Sayat Nova

    Oosti koo gas, gharib blbool,
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.
    Doo vart ptre, yis gozalin.
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

    Whence are you coming, wandering nightingale?
    You are crying, I will also cry.
    You seek the rose, and I the beautiful one.
    You are crying, I will also cry.

    Ari blbool, khosi baren.
    Okhnevi koo ekats’ saren.
    Ki vartn erits’, indz im yaren.
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

    Come nightingale, tell me the word.
    The mountain from which you came is blessed.
    The rose burns you, my love burns me.
    You are crying, I will also cry.

    Man im gali didari hit,
    Voonts’ gharib blbool khari hit.
    Doo varti, yis yari hit.
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

    I am wandering with the picture,
    Like the wandering nightingale with the insect.
    You are with the rose, and I with my love.
    You are crying, I will also cry.

    Salbooi nman kananch im,
    Ek, khosi, dzaynet chananch im,
    Doo vart kanche, yis yar kanchim.
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

    I am green like the cypress,
    Come, speak, I know your voice.
    You call to the rose, I call to the beloved.
    You are crying, I will also cry.

    Gharib blbool, dzaynet maloom,
    Yis oo doo ervink me haloom,
    Sayat Noven asats’ zaloom,
    Doo mi lats’ li, yis im laloo.

    Wandering nightingale, your voice is miserable,
    You and I are burning in the same way,
    Sayat Nova said cruelly,
    You are crying, I will also cry. you my beautiful friend!...I love Arménia!...

  3. i like your header :)

  4. oh là là!
    Btw: is your header new or didn't I noticed it until now? I like it. Très cool.

    love, kimi


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