Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Comfortably numb

^ Dar Williams

Jewellery I made last week out of random bits and bobs.

This ex-belt headband needs to be pimped out at some point, either with lots of feathers or curled wire. The stone is a red jasper, my birthstone (? or something like that).

5 Danish Kroner and Aries. Well if they make coins a hole in the middle, what do they expect to happen? (If anyone is Danish and horrified, I apologise but it makes a pretty cool ring.)

Claw/bird foot made out of some sort of clay I found. Also attached is a human tooth. That's right, one of my very own baby teeth. Mwahaha, d'you find it gross?

Wearing a vintage sweater, top from River Island (worn backwards) and velvet skirt made by my mom.

Also, if you care, I completely changed my art project. I'm doing structures. It's a long-winded story but basically, I can't spend 10 hours in an art studio taking one photograph. :)

Ps. Hahaha, I just posted this on the wrong blog by accident. Lucky I actually noticed!


  1. these are awesome :) xx

  2. Hi! Cute blog. I found you on Shamese's blog. Anyway, I love your handmade necklaces. Do you sell on Etsy?

  3. hey thank you so much for your comment and for following my blog! You have wonderful jewllery! I like it!
    xx Nini

  4. thank you (:
    i'll follow you back ! :)


  5. I follow you now too!


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