Saturday, 8 January 2011

Me, myself and I

I got my Art exam two days ago and I've started work on the topic of self-image. I'm not too sure what to do/where I'm headed, but here are some I've done today. I'm trying to show myself through how I behave at home. Except the last few are more dreamy.

And the only piece of non camera work I've done so far (photo was taken a couple of hours later so apologies for slight inconsistencies).

Both parents were suprised when I showed them my painting and my dad asked who it was by. Nice to know what they think of my abilities. :)

Ps. Thank you for all your lovely comments and thanks to my new follower. I've never gotten so many comments in so little time! (How did you all find me or is it just random chance?) I promise to reply to comments later because I need to tidy up a bunch now. Taking self-portraits requires a lot of furniture/stuff to be moved around.

Pps. I never did post my birds project. The reason for that is because I'm still waiting to find the perfect frame for Augustus (my final painting of an eagle owl). As soon as I do, you can see him.

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  1. love the first 4 and the painting! so awesome :) x my mum was saying that you're an incredible photographer btw (the snowy sexy pics) :) keep it up xx



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