Friday, 29 April 2011

Bo Diddley

^ Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Well, I had a lovely Royal Wedding Day. I was planning to wear black and speak French (I'm a republican) but fun got the better of me and instead we went to a 1940's-themed street party (but which wasn't actually in celebration of the wedding - perfect).

I'm wearing aTopshop dress, belt and shorts (we become inseperable in summer); gifted bracelets; a self-made necklace and earrings from the Christmas markets. A is looking very dapper in a bow tie (have I mentioned I love bow ties?) and a bowler (hats too).

After a while, we all got our dancing shoes on. It was an incredible atmosphere - everyone was lively and happy and danced even if they didn't know how to. Although there were some who obviously knew what they were doing more than us.

This older couple were the cutest - they danced to almost every song and were so energetic. And I leave you for today with this photo of a lampost that my grandad stole (so I was told - I'm not completely sure if it's true) and installed in his garden. :)

Ps. Sorry for the photo overload but just remember that there were 300 photos on my camera just from this day!

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