Sunday, 1 May 2011


^Dar Williams

Meet my bloomers.

Okay, they're probably not supposed to be bloomers but I got them many sizes too big so they were loose and billowy. Downside is the waist is way big so they look pretty shapeless but whatever; I'm in love. Also I'm quite pleased with these photos: every single day I look at the dappled pattern made on the grass by the trees and wish I could get that forest-y light effect on my clothes as I take pictures. It never works. Only yesterday did I finally (partly) achieve my life goal.

Wearing shorts from River Island, top from Topshop, pendant from Hobbycraft on a leather cord neaklace from Primark and DM's. I tried to keep it simple because yesterday evening I went to a fun fair (which was so much fun - I can't remember if I've ever been to a proper one with rides and lights and stuff before. Reminded me of the circus/carnival in the last season of Heroes. I had to restrain myself from asking if I could join and become a carnie.) and was paranoid something would break/strangle me. Luckily I'm still alive.

Just realised why I love these so much - they arereminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana's SS 2010 RTW which I adored. Although they're blue. (Side note: I swear half the things I own are dark blue. Is it just me because everything nice seems to be made in blue?)

Recently I've fallen head over heels for Dolce's heady Italian summer vibes, especially the thick white lace. :)

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  1. Really cute shorts!!


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