Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bright Side of the Road

^Van Morrison

The past couple of days I've been in Amsterdam, enjoying the feeling of being European and exploring a new city (and also holding my head to prevent my hat trying to fly off at every hint of a breeze). One word of advice - the roads there are mad: cars, bikers, trams, buses etc coming from every direction so look every possible way before and while crossing! The many canals and amazing houseboats have convinced me I want to spend at least a summer living on the water.

Wearing a lace blouse bought from the Clothes Show Live last year, vintage knit I chopped the sleeves off (now a one of my favourite basics), skirt from a market in Rio, self-made earrigs and pendant on a chain from River Island (it's so versatile!), denim jacket from H&M, sunglasses from River Island, hat from Claires and satchel from a German Christmas market stall. :)

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  1. wonderful photos <3 i adore your outfit!! and cute hat!!


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