Friday, 22 April 2011

River of Dreams

^Billy Joel

Wandering through an unknown city, lazing by canals, taking pictures, meeting old family friends, eating lots of Oriental food; the best way to spend a day.

Wearing a Topshop Wonderwoman body, gifted pyjama pants, mom's necklace, leopard flats, H&M jacket, River Island sunglasses and boater har from Claire's. You might have noticed I hardly ever wear long pants/skirt and short sleeves/sleeveless tops and usually do it the other way round - short skirt/shorts and long-sleeved tops/jackets. The reason for this is to try and tan my legs because they tan much more slowly than the rest of my body and so are always annoyingly pale, but recently I discovered that I quite like to mix is up and cover up my legs instead (as long as I hide from the sun. Actually I kind of dislike sun. I think I might be a vampire). Ovbiously, this is made much more fun and comfy by light, floaty, wide-leg pants such as these pyjamas which have now been promoted to regular pants, much to the eye-rolling of my mother. :)


  1. would you please stop to make me obsessed with your blog? every post a homerun. my inspiration folder is polluted with your silly pics and outfits.
    shame on you!

  2. Wow, thinking about the way I looked when I was 16... I envy you, you should know. Lovely blog! Those hats are on my shopping list by the way.



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