Saturday, 23 April 2011


Woah, it's the first birthday of my blog today! And I don't have anything big prepared. Bad blogger. Very bad blogger. Well, what can I say that's not cheesy? Er... (partly) because of this blog I got my beautiful camera (not to mention lots of Facebook profile pictures). It's also pretty much the longest I've ever stuck to a diary-type thing and it's great because I can see how my style as well as my photography skillz have developed. ...I'm gonna stop now before I get teary eyed. Enjoy this sparkly picture of me in a flower crown I made today.

I'm having a thing about flower crowns - this is my fifth, including one I got from S as part of a late birthday present. Well, one gotta have a crown when it's a birthday. Possibly even a royal wedding if I can find/make black flowers in time... :)

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  1. beautiful wreath!! =)


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