Monday, 18 April 2011

Twisting by the Pool

^Dire Straits

No school is not good for my nails - they become a different colour every day. Yesterday was this beautiful mint green, but then my toes turned silver and it no longer seemed appropriate so they turned maroony and sparkly. For tomorrow, I'm feeling a white.

Also my hair keeps changing - ringlets to poker straight to relaxed waves to god-knows-what tomorrow. One of the best compliments I've ever received was when C told me I was "the master of constant reinvention" (although it wasn't meant as a compliment at the time). While that's an exaggeration, I do try to shake it up. Often I wish I had a really defined style but I can never choose one and that's when I remember that I don't have to - I can be whatever I want and be a bit of everything every day.

Wearing L's jacket from somewhere in Sweden which I wear almost everyday to go over anything, Topshop reversible palm print top, vintage leather skirt, mom's jewellery (obsessed with it and am stealing it for a long time. Plus, how well does it go with the studs on the jacket? Even though they're silver!) and the chain from a River Island necklace as a belt because it is just the perfect size. :)

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