Saturday, 16 April 2011

White sakura

Oddly enough, I had the word "sakura" in my head and was debating whether to call this post it (since I didn't know if it was a real Japanese word or if I'd made it up) or "cherry blossom". Imagine my suprise when I look it up and "sakura" turns out to be the Japanese for cherry blossom. That's right, I'm a don at Japanese. Although actually this is a pear tree.

Got a little snap-happy this morning and cut the shoulders off this vintage shirt and sweater. I love the effect but am also slightly worried I'm headed down a scissor-y path of no return. Only the second time I've worn this River Island pendant (on a random lace ribbon) but boy am I obsessed with it - crystalsssss and purpleee. Also wearing a denim skirt I haven't worn in years, DM's, some of my favourite tights which were attacked by L and somewhat unintentional 50's hair which I'm going to have to replicate.

Guess I need a new pair of bow back tights. Although I quite like these ripped - makes me feel like my legs are circus candy canes... :)

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