Monday, 2 May 2011


Some jewellery I made for C for her birthday which was yesterday. It was inspired by her simple, classic, youthful and somewhat rebellious style (read: black tights, short skirts, leather and denim jackets, vintage shirts, white DM's - you can see why we're friends) and also the royal wedding so she'll never forget which year these were made.

It's a necklace, made of bunting. Geddit? Congratulations 'cos my mom didn't.

A set of a necklace, bracelet/ring hand chain thing and two earrings - one attatched to an ear cuff with a chain.

The colours are obviously the colours of the British flag, but after putting my mom's polka dot blouse on, I couldn't stop thinking about pictures of faded, vintage Americana holidays which should explain the photos. And sorry about the slightly gormless expression on the second photo, I was distracted by a knock on the door the second the shutter went. And the generally contemptuous look - I much prefer photographing to modelling. :)


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